For the typography Jordan had looked up some references which were helpful. That combined with The title sequences such as beautiful creatures, spring breakers etc. we felt we had various directions in which our typography could go.

With that we decided to each come up with a few designs individually and present them today to the group. I came up with 3 designs:


The design at the top took inspiration from Spring Breakers using key elements from the animatic. It isn’t a design I was overly fond of but it was worth trying out to see how it could work in our world.

The middle design looks at how the type could be in the form of a vine with small leaves growing out. I personally liked this design and i think there could be room to alternate when it depends on how little or much vines could be intertwined in the design.

The bottom design see type formed in almost moss and scales, this writing can be quite big and bold and maybe that could be too distracting for a viewer. When thinking back to the Helvetica documentary. It is said type must be clear and simple. I would be worried with this design that the design would not read as well if it wasn’t created so “loud.”

All that is left is to see what the group come up with and see their own designs tomorrow


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