Typography progression

Today we looked at each others typography and we each liked elements of each others. Then as we were talking we were thinking of the english language. Does the type have to be in English? Could it be a unique type?

Looking  back  at previous influences and Skyrim. Jakub reminded us of the dragon language and how we could implement it.

Skyrim – Dragon Language

We really like the idea so I did a sketch of the alphabet keeping this influence in mind. Thinking of back to Alien how only partially the letters are shown. I thought how to make it a unique language only a part of the english letters are used.

My Design of Type

With the design, I gave it to Jakub to colour digitally.

Thinking back to the vines and my knowledge of After Effect I suggested how we could add vines to the letters to make the more complex and have them so they can  be a use for transitioning. I said i would try and test it out!

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