Experimenting in AE: Part 2

I really liked the elements in True Detective with live action movie in silhouettes. That an again looking at Olly Moss who uses silhouettes in a similar way.

With that i asked the group if they could send me photographs and footages to see if these elements could work for our own world. With the images I created some tests. For it to work I created some moving backgrounds. I found this tutorial on making the true detective intro helped me stylising the look of a moving background.

True Detective Tutorial 

Here are some of the images that the group sent to me

And here’s some of the tests i did without and with the mask on top.

Moving Background

Mask and Live Action Experiment 1

Mask and Live Action Experiment 2

Overall i think it looks good and we could definitely use it. The group seemed to like them as well which is good and means we can go ahead with the idea. The use of the masks is effective so if there is a good ahead I will likely just use this method.

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