Planning the Title Sequence

For the title sequence we plan to have the following for our title sequence. We wanted the title sequence to reflect the animatic created by the previous group. We did a rough plan of delegating tasks. So far we have organised that Kirstin and Jakub are going to compose the music. Whilst myself and Jordan we organise the visual of the title sequence.

Rough Plan of Tasks

We have organised Jordan to add vines to the typography and then I can animate them write the write on tool. Jordan also has the task of creating the individual scenes in photoshop for myself to animate and on Monday helping to put the title sequence together and checking any mistakes I will likely have done!

In general my task over the weekend is to animate and put together the title sequence. This will require animating and editing in After Effects.

Kirstin was keen to do storyboards of the title sequence in order to give myself and Jordan a guide of what to do. As Kirstin is musical as well as Jakub herself and him are going to work on the music together. As Jakub already have a track as a foundation Kirstin is going to add keys and see how they both work with the acoustic track.

Jakub’s track 

Jakub as well as working on the music and making our typography glow and making it digital (currently has made!!) He also offered to animate one of the scenes as he has Adobe Flash which is good for me!

In our title sequence we are going to have five moving elements which require Jordan and others to draw:

  • Bird flying
  • Mossi swinging
  • Mossi falling
  • Fireflies
  • Dragon interaction
DSC_000001 22
Rough plan of Title Sequence

This may or may not change but keeping to a structure will help us progress through the weekend!


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