Experimenting in AE: Part 4

With the type i wanted to test out what type of vince would be suitable. Should the vine wrap around the text or should it cover it or should it branch out. Theres different ways it could go so to figure it out I did a test.

I knew Jordan was going to be doing the vines so I thought i was important i go this over and done with and sent to the group, leaving enough time.

Using the write on tool in After Effect and Photoshop to quick draw some vines on I did three tests using Jakub’s type.  One where the vine wraps around the lettering, One where ti covers the lettering like a building wall and another it acts as if it is growing and branching out.

Letter Vine Test

Showing it to the group, they and myself agreed the left one looked the best and thought it was simple and fun for the tittle sequence as it wasn’t distracting.


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