Hour Glass World

Today we swapped teams and i was reunited with Kirstin but got two new team mates; Claire & Jack who am excited to work with and see how they work!

First however we need to find out what is hourglass world? 

Hourglass world was a world contained within an hour glass (duh!) where the challenge was that overtime the hourglass flipped; civilisation would be destroyed. To help me understand this I used Eoin’s blog to help me

“I looked at the concept of the city being in a protective dome, protecting them from the creatures in the world, the sand storms and the flip that throws their world in to complete turmoil.” – Taken from Eoin’s blog post.

The characters started off as designs by Jordan and his group. They introduced a TimeKeeper who turned the hour glass from outside the world. The Time Keeper started off quite humanoid looking and progressed to a more God- like creature with muscles and more fantasy like features. The current appearance of the Hour Glass is shown in the Animatic.

Title Sequence created by Jenny, Hollie & Niamh 

The creatures living in the hourglass progressed into two types of creatures (Concepts by Bethany) Where the creatures at top are quite cute and obvious resemble creatures like raccoons and turtles. The more savage looking creates at the bottom are lizards. The creatures survive only by reproducing and laying eggs as the eggs do not break when the hourglass is flipped.

Bethany’s Lizard design. Source
Bethany’s top creature design. Source

The relationship between the characters and the god is quite simple. The cute one worship the God because they are at the top. Whilst the lizards at the bottom despite the God as they are always having sand tipped on them.

In the animatic it is explored that the time keeper gets sucked into the world and becomes the God. There is also an element of a day/ night cycle which is the result god breaking the hour glass. However this doesn’t effect us as the issues were solved at the end of the story. Dervla explained this quite well and very nice concepts to go with this.

Dervla’s concept art: Source

Hour Glass Animatic 



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