Hour Glass research. Part 1

Today we met up and tried our best to think of games and inspiration for our game. For this game we have been instructed that it has to be relevant to their world and not our own world.

For us our challenge was that our world is in constant destruction so would this theme become apart of our own game.

We each looked at games which could have been helpful for us:

Time Based games

With time based games; I was thinking that the creatures had to complete a task before a timer runs out. This timer could be the actual hour glass in some way. For that I looked at games with timers (sand timers)


Boggle of course uses a timer; players have to pick out words from a cubed grid within a time limit. Now that i think about it; The game is just Countdown but travel edition!

Source Image

Keeping these games in mind; reflecting on our word. Could the puzzle be word related? or do they even have a language in which they communicate. The type set out for the world was Hebrew script, ould they speak in this language?


Alias is a board game, where the objective of the players is to explain words to each other. Hence, Alias is similar to Taboo, but the only forbidden word in the explanations is the word to be explained. The game is played in teams of varying size, and fits well as a party game for larger crowds. The game is very competitive. – Taken straight from Wikipedia

I know my source sucks! but it’s right so i’m not gonna argue with it. It’s another word based game and very similar to Boggle in that it users the same timer. However it is more player/ turned based. Adding turns under a time limit could be interesting for the world. Personally thinking of the world as a timer though I can’t visualise it being player turned based and timed. However this reference may bring light to other games and ideas.


Pictionary is a very common game played in teams where players have to draw words for other teams to guess. Again it requires a timer and is similar game to others but with minor differences. Looking a the game could creatures draw? ( saying this out loud just sounds stupid since they are all reptiles!) Tracing out patterns? Could it be something entirely different, not to do with drawing but the idea of tracing like the buzz wire game.

Buzz Wire game: Source

That game is however over used but it’s stressful and competitive and what would happen if there was  an added time limit was well. Would the game become impossible and considering in our world there is a God controlling everything. Would he control the game and would be play fair?

Structure based games

Structure based games can be puzzling and a leisurely activity. Exploring some of these game could be useful as it is not restricted to a  board but can be kinetic.


A classic game for children who like to build. It has been known to harness creativity and loved by all. a lego inspired game could be interesting for the world. The creatures may have to build something in order to win or for many children it could just be a past time before the world eventually deconstructs!


This was suggested by Kirstin. It’s obvious the common thread is sand with this reference. It’s more practical in the world as it is made of sand. Would the creatures have to create or build to something in order to win and is it an adult and child game?  Sandcastles can be aesthetically beautiful and theres even international competitions based on which is the best.

International Sand Arts Festival: Source

Of course there isn’t just regular sand. other materials have been replicated to possess the same qualities

Magic sand otherwise known as ‘Aqua’ or ‘Moon’ sand reacts when in water and was a popular activity for kids. Water is a natural element which needs no creation and in the hour glass world could have introduced by the Timekeeper. Simple just add water and the game could be constructed. If thats the direction we go for.

magnetic sand in appearance freaks me out, i have no idea why but me and Claire were looking at it today. Magnetic sand could be used in a  a way that creates the game. Almost from nothing but the question i think of. How would this material exist in the world, it’s man made so it would have to be constructed.

Source Image

I thought because the lizards are smart and the groups in the past have expressed they do survive longer because of their spines. Over time they could have created this material. Or maybe it was the timekeeper himself who created it.


If we think about it, it’s just complicated and stressful lego. (with a box you can never puts the pieces back in without crying inside) It added the stress of some of the time based games but with an obvious structure. Hourglass could have a game where they need to avoid topping a structure. This could possibly tie in culture showing an origin of a collapsing world. However we can’t rip off Jenga so if it were to be something along those lines then the structure and gameplay need to be altered.

Turn based games

These turn based games are different. They show a divide between one player to another. They have a barrier separate two sides like a war. Hour glass world has a barrier in itself between top and bottom creatures. I turn based game could put sides against each other.

4 in a row

Four in a Row is another classic game With a sheet of plastic separating one player to another with the goal of getting 4 counters of the same colour in one row. The idea of this plastic barrier could be interesting; would it be scaled up so the top and the bottom sides are separate within reason?

Street Pong

I remembered this viral video awhile ago of a street game in Germany; taking pong and having the time constraints the amount of time the lights change. It would have a similar interaction with kinetics as hourglass world. (hourglass world turning) with the time having an outcome to events. It also shows different the barrier could be for playing turn based games

Street Pong


I had to move on to battle ship as it’s another classic and very very similar to Four in a Row. The only different is the goal; to sink the other team mates ships using co ordinates. This game could be modified so it’s more puzzle orientated. Would each side have to complete something before the other side does? The war could again reflect the origins in showing the difference between the two sides and maybe a war of conflict. Would this a game be once a year settling asides differences or the opposite.

Thinking of two sides joining together for a brie moment; the Sainsburys advert comes to mind.

Sainsbury Christmas Advert 2014

Obstacle courses

It was mentioned in the group about obstacles course, bringing in all the elements mentioned. The creatures would race or compete against each other. We thought of gameshows which we could use as inspiration

  • Crystal Maze
  • Tekeshi’s Castle
  • Total Wipeout
  • Jungle Run
  • Raven
  • Ninja Warrior
  • Kagami Kagami

Obviously this is gonna be a long post so heres a link to part 2 

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