Origins of Sand

For myself I wanted to explore the origins of Hourglass world. A lot of the origins in a way have be set out. There currently is a God/Timekeeper outside and turning the hour glass and there is a class system of creatures

Top Creatures

They obviously are gonna die with each turn of the timer; however the eggs surviving meaning they are always in life cycle. They worship the God  thinking everything is okay.

Bottom Creatures

They have become bitter due to adapting to the worlds environment and surviving. They despise having sand fall on them and the God for playing tricks on them; becoming savage like.

This is all because of the turning of the timer; so what if the game is based around that. The game maybe lasts once in a life time (for the top creatures as they always die) The God will try and kill the lizards but because they are smart the survive meaning to amuse himself the God must put the creatures through challenges.

This could maybe show two different cultures. The lizards maybe prepare every year and try to warn the top layers through messages. However with the lack of knowledge the top creatures know nothing of the foreseeable events and mock the creatures below.

Page from Sketchbook


Also thinking of how the game would unfold by looking at the Physics of the sands. When the hour glass is on it’s side, gravity could pull creatures to the ends meaning they wouldn’t fall to the bottom. Looking at timing and the turning of the hour glass could only be a few seconds on the outside but on the inside it could last days. Making it like an arena challenge like situation. The survival of the fittest. For that I looked at Judge Dredd (2012) and the drugs they have which alter the perception of time of people who partake in the substance.

Slow Mo Judge Dredd (2012) Scenes




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