Old Grandfather Snail

I thought back to the creatures and how the top creatures could mock the bottom creatures. Since for lizards if could be for them happening over decades or hundreds of years. What if it was perceived as a legend or myth by the top creatures?

I pictured like an old snail with this beard telling young creatures a story. To the cutesy creatures is something to take likely because they don’t think it’s real however for the top creatures it’s a reality and they are constantly living in frustration that the others won’t take them seriously

I also thought of a lizard preacher; those people with those signs that say “THE END IS COMING”

Page from Sketchbook

I don’t know if i did it subconsciously but I think if I were to combine the lizard and the snail together i would get the goat from Hoodwinked! (That film that looks like it was animated far earlier than it was) So I apologise in advance for having this as a somewhat reference!

Clip from Hoodwinked! 

Then thinking of the story which the snail might read from i did a few sketches.

Rough story panel in my sketchbook

Presenting the origins as a story sounds interesting like when films introduce the story through an opening of a book.

Fractured Fairy Tales Intro

Happy Tree Friends, Loosely based story vibe (The characters remind me of Bethany’s designs)


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