Simplified Games

After the designs of the arena I went back to origins. I thought of others messages lizards could send as a warning to Lizards. On Wednesday i said to everyone how it would be cool if we had something that shows the difference between the two sides; juxtaposing the future of both races!

At the beginning of the year, people in our class brought in a scalextric; we briefly mentioned it Wednesday but it completely went past our minds. Thinking back to scalextric the structure and goal of the game could be used in hour glass world. (This is when i wish i had a picture)

Mario Scalextric (This what the guys had): Source

Scalextric derives from racing games such as NASCAR and F1 racing. The goal is to be first in your lane. The simplified game could be in the shape of an hour glass with two lanes and two players (characters). The characters that doesn’t fall off wins. DSC_0826

It could be a “relic” to the top creatures, an ancient game that they think is a toy derived from a story like the origins itself. While the creatures at the top play, the creatures at the bottom train for the real thing.



One thought on “Simplified Games

  1. […] This is to show what the simple game would look like. I took a more Mario Kart approach and thought of the characters as little racers. Too add more fun and “danger” we thought it is spun then the characters would be more likely to fall off. Of course to remind the game is to warn the top creatures but of course is a warning sent form the lizards of the danger of the arena. To understand bit more of the simplified game click here […]


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