The Arena confirmed

Showing my designs to the group of the origins; they seemed to like the idea and we got talking about our previous reference and we suddenly formed a game. ”

“We could add something like it as an obstacle or something!” Kirstin
“It could be as they are climbing up. The higher the altitude the more challenges there are “Cassie
“Ohhh yiiis. It starts easy gets more intense”Kirstin
“Yea and I was thinking grandma’s footsteps if the timer runs out and there are players who have nearly made it to the end they are just instantly turned to sand.Because they are so close to the finish”Cassie
“Ooh the obstacle idea, remember we had the idea of building the tower to get to safety? How about the towers already built, it could rise out of the ground and every floor has a new obstacle?”Jack
“Towers could be like check points”Kirstin
Ohhhh how about if it was like a spiral staircase?”Cassie 
“Oooh” Jack

(Conversation taken from Messenger Group Chat at 29/11/2015 17:15)

And then suddenly a game was formed, I started making quick design of the arena based game.


I have the spiral staircase on both sides thinking of the previous thought of the pull of gravity and thinking of previous influences from sound wave world that visualise show two sides living in opposite sides: Upside Down/ Panema Inverted

At the bottom in green we have the a mild challenge, was thinking of a puzzle or something to tie in the puzzles we looked at for example; Professor Layton

The yellow zone ties in Claire’s idea of Skeletons and the characters in Undertale. The creatures have to avoid reptile skeletons (creatures of previous games) grabbing them.

The orange zone is quicksand; an element we briefly talked about when we first were discussing ideas. If creatures aren’t quick enough they sink and die. So not that hard then!

The brown zone shows Kirstin influence; Star VS The Forces of Evil. With ever step creatures ages switches from young to old. This can mess with a creatures perception so perseverance is key.

The last zone, the red one shows grandma’s footstep but taking out the god and having drones. They need to be quick but careful!

In the middle is one of the domes created by the group in week 4. It guarantees safety before the timer completely flips over. When the timer is completely flipped over the arena structure collapses leaving all those who didn’t get to the dome in time doomed!

A few hours later I showed this idea to the group and they seemed to like enough to roll with it! To concept art!


3 thoughts on “The Arena confirmed

  1. […] There are obstacles in place so the game isn’t too easy. As the players ascend higher and higher on the spiral, the more dangerous the obstacles become. Over on Cassie’s blog, she has drawn up a chart indicating the levels of danger. […]


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