Planning the storybook

For our origins we decided to go with the idea of the showing it as a story. For that we got a book which we could write in for that we need  a typography, a written story & drawings. For the video we would also have to have someone do the music and someone to put the thing together.

Jack thought of the style of an experimental game in the adventure books; like an episode of Dora the Explorer. Giving options to where to go and seeing what happens in later pages.

Jack also had a the idea of pop-up book which sounds good but too time consuming with only a week to go!

I thought of  like a survivor’s guide or like a professor’s notebook. I found looking at The Tales of Beedle the Bard as a helpful reference. The book was written by J.K Rowling and is in the same universe as Harry Potter. Not only that but it has sections for Dumbledore’s findings and notes. (The book itself is mentioned in Harry Potter)

The Tales of Beedle the Bard: Source

I thought this would be a great idea to have in the book with little illustrations.  In terms of drawings Claire said she would draw them whilst i would come up with the written story.

Kirstin mentioned the ideas of having puzzles in the book. Bringing in the Professor Layton and Undertale references. We were trying to think of relevent puzzles or codes to try  put in the book. We left this task with Kirstin but to be honest we all found it quite hard to make up some.

That moved on our thought patterns to codex and translation. Could we use the type already given and do translations on the reverse side? that may be cool to add to the book. Jack volunteered to take on the typography.

In terms of shooting it like a storybook we also took reference from the title sequence in Hell World made by Becca, Thomas, Gianni & Robert. We asked advice from them on how to set up what they did for there video. For this myself and one other person will shoot the video and i will put it all together!

Hell World Title Sequence

Now all is left is to plan!


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