Story Telling

For the book we need a story. As I know most about the origins I wrote a story which could capture the origins. It went through a couple of drafts but i got it done ready for Jack to translate into the script. I split it up into paragraphs so they  could be spread easily across the pages and for Claire to get an idea of what she had to draw.

The Script

In the Beginning all was safe and quiet

The lizards and mammals lived in harmony

However they were not aware of the great danger that lay ahead

They noticed the ground was disappearing

They tried their best to stop the world collapsing

All hope was lost

Then the world changed

They ran

They fought

And lost

Creatures failed all but few

It is said the lizards survived

They fell to the bottom

Their spines withstood the fall

Since then they have tried their best to beat the system

However they do not have the God’s side

They’re destined to perish

We today have relics which celebrate our lives

How other like the lizards aren’t to have the same

A bad picture of the draft of the story

With the story done we can now get an idea how many pages the story will cover  in the book.


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