Notes for the Book

Now that we have know that there is going to be a story we thought of and put in other things. We already thought about puzzles which we were still thinking about. However we wanted to add more to fill up the book with more simple things. As I had the book at hand the things we talked about earlier I was able to do in the book.

Instructions for simplified game

For this we thought it would be nice, since it’s for the top creatures that they know how to play the game as it’s only common sense. For this i did some simple drawings explaining the game

Diagram of Simple Game

Player Guide

Mariokart 8: Source

This is apart of the game and Mariokart inspired with the handicaps you are given which can enhance your player. I thought this would be a cool feature to add to make not only pages to make playing the simple game interesting in the world.

Players in the Game

A diary like Guide

This could be like a survival guide with messages for the top creatures trying to warn them of the arena as best as possible. They could be detailed accounts or frantic messages. Having messages warning about each zone and the arena in general.

Finding from the Grave

Random Drawings

This could be just creature drawings but like sketched findings like you see in science books. Like little observations, for this we think we are gonna wait till the end to see how many other pages fill up




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