Trying not to be confusing

I drew up a visual for the simplified game and the arena game. A worry I had with the both games is that they would find it confusing and not be able to differentiate between the two.

I have explained all of these elements of the arena in this post.

The Arena

What has changed since then it cutting out the puzzle element since we there was a lot of zones and we need some of the creatures to live! However the main elements of the arena have stayed the same. Creatures must get up to the top before the world they live in flips over. If they don’t get to the middle to safety they die. Simple

The Simplified Game

This is to show what the simple game would look like. I took a more Mario Kart approach and thought of the characters as little racers. Too add more fun and “danger” we thought it is spun then the characters would be more likely to fall off. Of course to remind the game is to warn the top creatures but of course is a warning sent form the lizards of the danger of the arena. To understand bit more of the simplified game click here

Hopefully people will be able to understand it!


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