shooting the story

So today we got the drawings and typography done. As Claire was comfortable with and drew the creatures really well, she was in charge of drawing them whilst I outlined Claire’s drawings. The hour glass scenes were drawn and outlined by Kirstin and Jack write out the type.

Now all there is left is to shoot, edit and add music/narration. As we wanted to shoot the trailer in a storybook theme, like Hell world we wanted to have someones hands turning the pages. For that we got Dervla who made a great hand model (Thank you Dervla) and shot the video with a birds eye view.

With the video shot I played it back I knew I would have to speed up and slow down parts and that maybe close ups are needed to focus attention on the drawings and story. For that I asked Claire if she could digitally colour the drawings if I took photos and all that would be needed afterwards is to add them in-between scenes.

Kirstin already had a great track that just needed extended so I think we are on track!


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