Music and Typography

I thought i would make a post about sound and typography combined since i’m not creating them it would be easier just to feature both works here

For sound, we gave the task to Kirstin; she was able to create a couple of tracks of her playing the ukulele and at the moment is currently creating a final extended one for the trailer.

The music really fits the theme of the fantasy and feels like it should be a part of an old storybook.   Kirstin did great work !

One of Kirstin’s tracks for the trailer

The typography was done and completed by Jack. We were aware of the previous typography before being hebrew script. We were thinking of taking it and altering it to fit our own style. I showed Jack the typography from Alien which was a previous reference and how only a partial bit of the type is shown just as an idea. With that and Jack’s ideas he was able to create a type for the book. The final type take on the previous type and i think it’s easy to read and clear. This type looks really well in the book as well. Great job Jack!

Jack’s typography



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