Editting the Trailer

I began editing the footage in After Effects. This compared to the title sequence felt like a much easier challenge due to the trailer not having as many elements however I still had things to think about.

I had to think about the timing of the pages turning over as we shot it in one take we didn’t film each sections. Considering we are adding close ups, this means i need to split the video into individual parts. So i have to make sure i’m not cutting scenes at the wrong times

I got Claire’s coloured close ups and they were great, using sepia tones keeping the theme old. Made such a difference than just plan line work.

When adding in the close ups, thought was needed on how would they be transitioned? would they be static or moving from the ideas or zooming in or out. For this the narration had to be considered; by considering how long the person needed to speak i was able to figure out if the close up would be left state too long on the screen. If it was more than a couple of seconds i would zoom it out or to a side.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 02.26.37.png
Screenshot of After Effects Composition

Obviously with different images came a different transitioned and for a couple of hours it was trail and errors of fixing timings and transition but in the end it was worth it. Also by adding a filter of sepia it looked more aged than the indoor light that it original had.

And so now the editing is done! and only narration to go for that we can bring the footage into iMovie and use the microphone tool.



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