GIFs Galore!

We thought the presentation on Tuesday could do with more visuals. For that we thought of doing GIFS could show everyone what we were thinking   (and a back up if we suddenly get nervous and forget what we were working on!) We had in the past thought about GIFs or small animations and would tie in elements when it came to the motion graphic posters.

For me it was also a chance for me to do more concept art but in a more fun way. I’ve never made a GIF before so why not start now!

The Beginning of The Arena

With help of Claire drawing out some hands for me and I coloured and drew up the hour glass. This was to visualise how the hour glass would transform into the arena. Thinking of the gravity pull and the god and how he would play into the transformation of normality to chaos.

The Arena

I did most of the GIFs for this and Jack did one based on the quicksand zone. (Claire and Kirstin did some character GIFs to add to the presentation)

Skeletons grabbing creatures

Showing the lowest level  of the area with the skeletons grabbing the creatures into the sand.

The Time Bent Zone

I don’t think i’ve ever laughed as much as when i made this. I will admit the timing is a tad off. Showing the time related zone in the arena with the creatures getting younger and older with ever step.

The Last Stride in the Arena

This would be my favourite one and I think shows the most detail. Showing the grandma’s footsteps influence with drones that incinerate creatures when seen.


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