Akira Research Continued

I found whilst writing my essay, I would have to research along the way to gain maximum knowledge for the essay. Through exploring cyberpunk I was aware of the movie Tetsuo: The Iron Man and how  it reflected the genre the cyberpunk. not to mention it’s comparisons to Akira . i also had a look at tradition Japanese artists and combustible’s similarities

Here some more books i have found whilst writing the essay 

  • A Study of Japanese Animation as Translation By Reito Adach
  • Understanding Japanese Animation: the Hidden Meaning Revealed By Otto von Feigenblatt
  • Japanese Culture By H. Paul Varley

I found this interview which was helpful from Katsuhiro Otomo. I found where it came from and it was originally included on the Japanese Laserdisc of Akira, released in 1993 by Pioneer LDC.

I think now i have all the information i need for the essay, now all is left is to finish the essay!



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