Bird Flying Research

One thing I wanted to fix is the dragon tree sequence. On the presentation day for it the tutor made a few constructive criticisms none or two scenes to make the title sequence better. I knew myself there were many things I wanted to change. So now is the time to improve and fix the a couple of things!

One of the first major things i wanted to tackle is that bird scene! That wasn’t my best work and i knew i should have looked how a bird moves. So now i’m going to do just that!

Bird Flying Video 1

Bird Flying Video 2

What I have noticed is that the wings don’t move that much when in “flapping mode” but the ends curve upwards and how aggressive the flapping is dependent on how high the wings rise.When they build enough momentum they glide and the wing stay stationary.

The wings almost look like a wave, with the first half curving one way and other curving another when the wings are raised

For my bird there is a point where it glides and the initial flapping should be aggressive. So i need to raise the vines and treat each wing as two different parts. With that to animating!


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