Making Type Digital

In Dragon World we learnt about typography,  I quite liked my typography, despite it being quite loud at the time for the title sequence. Since I wasn’t fond of the top type, we shall ignore it.

(Or better yet, look at my post about the typography)

To Recap:

The middle one was the vine type. Despite the design not being used it then became intertwined with the current typography with vines growing from the letters.

The bottom one was a mix of moss and dragon scales. I really liked it but learning from Helvetica, to be read clearing amongst all the other graphics that were happening in the background. It wouldn’t work

Picture of my typography tests

Since I liked these two I decided to have some fun and  make them digital. The process of making these digital was fun, knowing that the piece wasn’t for the title sequence made me so much more relaxed about working on it.

Also since you can tell going through my hour glass world posts, i have figured out GIFs. So why not have so more fun with it all.

Typography Made Digital. (Top: Vine Type, Bottom: Moss and Scales Type)

I really liked how the two types turned out, Doing them I could see why it wouldn’t really work in with the title sequence. However in another dimensional timeline where we went with one of these. I wander how different the title sequence would have been.

The top one turned out more chaotic than I thought but I just ran with it because I like the messy qualities. The bottom one is my favourite, I tried my best not to go over the top hence why the drawing and digital drawings differ. I think with the tweak it reads a lot better. I think overall it’s nice seeing my drawings come out of the page and on screen!

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