Portfolio – Creative Elements


DSC_0848 1.JPG

These are my life drawing gestures. Out of the whole life drawing experience it was the part I most enjoyed it was about capturing the movement in a short space of time. In this piece I thought my gestures captured the line of action more and the form of the life model.

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These were our character designs for Marble world. Each of us drew up a couple of characters and swapped designs whilst following a format so they all look the same. I think they look great and it was the few experiences I had where I felt like everyone was working as one team. The final characters i drew up were Lorna (The little girl), The Rabbitpede (Rabbit Centipede ) & The Flog (Fly/insect and frog hybrid).

please compress-min

This is a tonality piece i did after the 12 weeks based in Hell Tree world. I was in that week for tonality but i wasn’t happy with what I produced. So i went back and did a piece on a layer I hadn’t drawn before but shown the most interest to me. For me i think this is one of my more stronger tonality pieces due to the amount of time spent on it. Also i think it reflects my style more than previous tonality concepts.

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During the end of the 12 weeks i felt much more confident in my sketchbook to the point where I could make character sketches and more developed notes. As my sketchbook was my thought process and i did spend most of time putting my thoughts down in my sketchbook. I thought i would bring in that part into my portfolio.


This is my typography for Dragon Tree world. They were originally sketches I made at the beginning of the project, I went back to the project and made the type digital. I really like how they turned out with the different colours and textures contrasting against each other. Even though they are quite bold and loud, they are readable and can be understood.


These were my warm and cool studies created in week 5, colour theory. This piece was coloured over scans of my tonality pieces (from my sketchbook) I just really like how they turned out and the application of using warm and cool colours.

color stone stuff

This was a concept design I created for Sound Wave world. It was to show the environment of life on the other side of the world (the compact disc) I  think out of all my concept pieces it best explores lighting and shadow, reversing warm and cool tones. I really like the piece and the idea that the other side is deserted and almost broken down.


This is my favourite concept piece created for Hour Glass world. I think it best resembles composition with the sand clouds leading the eye up to the top of the spiral. This is the first piece where i felt comfortable in my style, it being chaotic but trying to refine it with cleaner lines. To the colours, to the use of shadow I really liked how the final product came out.


This was a GIF I created for Hour Glass world, to show the highest level of the arena game, drones that could incinerate creates if detected.  I really like the colours the comparison of textures of the smooth drones and the textured arena.

This was the title sequence for Dragon World. Everyone put in little bit of everything in the sequence. I animated, edited the video and added in the live action pieces. I recently fixed previously issues with the piece and now I really like the piece. how it successfully gives off a dark fantasy look with the research we put into the piece coming together.


This was was photograph I had taken to resemble colour. It was my favourite piece in all of the photographs I had taken for the photography assignment. I loved the leading lines from the road markings to the street lamps directing the eye to the colourful sign that is lit in amidst the dark street. The contrast of the colour in the sign and the muddy colours in the background i think make the foreground and background stand out.

This was an origins trailer for Hour Glass world. The music was done by Kirstin, Typography by Jack, drawings done mostly by Claire with help from myself and Kirstin & I edited and put the final piece together. I really like the piece and how it shows each part that the team put in, on an editing point of view I found it very enjoying putting the video together. The final outcome I think is quite successful and what we thought was a complicated culture came across well in 1.20 seconds!



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