Maya Showreel

Maya Showreel. 

Self Assessment

I have found design discourse to be challenging, despite the tasks being simple compared to what we will be doing in semester two. Looking back I treated the knowledge we learnt with the principles and the assignments in Maya as two separate things when they should be working together.

Looking at my animations I’m not particularly happy with them and I wished I worked more on the module so I could have advanced to more complex animations. I think by the end I had passable animations and with the guidance of Alec I could see where I was going wrong. I think my main issue is timing which is a principle I need to look at in more depth. I have enjoyed looking at the theory of animation and it’s principles and seeing the examples in animations past and present. By research and seeing how the principle effects my animations was helpful in understanding the theory. I just wish over the few weeks I was able to apply the theory to Maya more.

I know it’s important for me to keep learning and practising exercises after the 12 weeks and continue to over the break in order I come back into semester two with more knowledge and understanding. Despite the challenges I have enjoyed the learning process and look forward to semester two.


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