Creative Elements Reflection

Its been a challenging and fun couple of months, having only an inkling of what to expect from Foundation Year. A worry of mine was being immersed with students who applied outside the university. Thinking “How can I work with others when I know nothing!” This looking back was obviously an exaggeration and the one thing that has stood out is that all of us are starting again; despite the different skill sets.

Throughout the course; research has always grabbed my interest. Never before would this come into my head as something that could be fun. However exploring ideas, trying to think of a different thought process or just learning how something works became something fulfilling within each project; trying to make each world our own. This now growing passion has all started from character design in Marble World. When the world was given it was left with so many options and what we created at the end of the week became rewarding for ourselves.

Editting has always been an interest. Going back further and looking back to Foundation year learning Photoshop Timeline and After Effects gave me skills that have helped me contribute in a team. Specifically thinking of week 8; Dragon  Tree world.

That week was my chance to really get involved and experiment, the final outcome which was the title sequence was not perfect and needed improvement but with advice changes were made and the title sequence is much better than before. Learning that skills can always be improved and that we have these years to make mistakes and get better in our skill sets is great to know. That what we have worked on isn’t the highest of our ability and we can only get better.

Of course there has been struggles and challenges; concept art and drawing at the start was so alien to me, being brought out of comfort zone. My confidence although low to start, began to grow as the weeks went on. Thats the great thing about being in a class with artists and designers. They can teach you tricks and tips that you would have never learn on your own. Just being in a group with these people made my art improve and gave me the motivation to do better.

Learning the importance of project management and communication was a big learning curve. Learning the hard way that if you aren’t organised and if you aren’t management aspects of the project. It can turn to chaos and things are down at the last minute!

Overall creative elements has shown me that Animation has so many areas; we all have different shapes and we trying to find what shape we form. Learning the fundamentals of group work, creating ideas, making things has been a great experience. Will be looking forward to learning more in semester two.


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