And So It begins/Christopher Vogler ‘The Writer’s Journey’

Yesterday we were given our first assignment and split into teams. For this project we were put into a team with Thomas, Claire & Jenny. I was happy getting the opportunity to work with people I’ve never worked with before and Claire who over the end of semester 1 became friendly with!

Our group was given pages 71-97, for this it’s important we take into account not only our own chapters but previous chapters to gain a greater understanding of the book.

The chapters our group are covering are: Ally, Trickster & The Ordinary World. The group thought it would be best to split this up into pages and Thomas was able to split this up for us which means i am covering pages 91-97 which covers a section of the ordinary world.

I’m excited to learn from the book, at the end of semester one I knew I was really interested in narrative and creating stories. To have a module just based on that for me is something i can really delve into.

Looking at this reminds me of Story Structure by Dan Harmon. Over the summer (Of 2015!) when I was trying to write a graphic novel I went through this structure suggested to me by comic book artist I met. When this struck  a cord with me I looked into it and Dan Harmon is a noted follower of Joseph Campbell (one of the main influences behind The Writer’s Journey)  Now fast forward in time looking at Vogler, it’s nice to see various authors and writer’s use a formula to create a story. So hopefully my interest in narrative will help!


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