Team Rome

For the new module we have been assigned to build a floating city. Last year the city was Belfast however this year we have a choice of two; Kaunas & Rome. Obviously we don’t choose what city we create so Conánn assigned us into teams and projects.

As you can tell by the title i’m in team Rome.  When we found out who we were assigned with, I had to laugh. My team consists of Myself, Kirstin, Jenny & Jonny. Kirstin and I have worked on many projects so I think we have concluded we will never leave each others’ sides! I’m already in a group Jenny so It’ll be interesting to see how we interact over the two groups. Lastly I have Jonny who I am excited  to work with, we have known each other since foundation and get along very well. Overall I’m happy with my group as they are hardworking individuals and I am curious to see what we create.


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