Exploring ideas

Doing some personal research I wanted to try and fire out ideas and inspirations that may help for making concept designs.


When looking at floating city, the mind immediately went to the Bioshock series. Bioshock is a first person shooter game set in a futuristic world. The first two games are set in an underwater city called ‘Rapture’ whilst the third  is set on a floating city. Exploring the steampunk genre and how other creators tackle it for me helps. Despite being aware of how common steampunk has become has a subject will end up effecting how we implement the research. It’s worth looking into despite this.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 19.16.26
Taken from: Simon, Philip R. The Art Of Bioshock Infinite. Print. – Accessed 4th Feb 2016
Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 19.16.35
Taken from: Simon, Philip R. The Art Of Bioshock Infinite. Print. – Accessed 4th Feb 2016

“These paintings explore different ways of expressing the verticality and openness of Columbia. As it’s a floating city, creating a sense of height and airiness was always an important design goal. These designs would come close to what Columbia  would eventually become.” – Simon, Philip R. The Art Of Bioshock Infinite. Print. pg 17

I love the style of Bioshock and in an ideal world this would be something I would want to create. Even just looking at the architecture for their floating city would be really cool.

Howls Moving Castle

Howls Moving castle has the cross between mechanical and natural elements for the design of the house. Its of course a very famous Ghibli Movie and although it doesn’t necessarily float. The architecture and design of the house are great as its kinetic and it features a lot of elements that could be useful for the design process of the floating city. Since the house is like a living breathing creature, we could think about the characteristics of our floating city and it as a living breathing organism.

Howls Moving Castle – Accessed 4th Feb 2016

Castle in the Sky

As you can tell by the title, castle in the sky seemed like  a suitable Ghibli movie to take inspiration from as well as Howls Moving Castle.  When looking at the film, there was a website which displays a lot of it’s concept art. I think they are beautifully drawn and there is a lot of visual inspiration to take from. The idea of the clustered houses and uniformity is something I think we could definitely explore through different styles.

castle in the sky concept art- Accessed 4th Feb 2016
castle in the sky concept art- Accessed 4th Feb 2016

Upside Down

This film was mentioned before in semester one however the idea of a gravitational pull could be useful concepts for the floating city. Meinert Hansen had produced the concept art for the film which shows mirroring and symmetry.

Upside Down Concept Art
Upside Down  by Meinert Hansen- Accessed 4th Feb 2016

Da Vinci’s Inventions

One of the most renowned artists and inventors in Italy is Leonardo Da Vinci. He not only created the Mona Lisa but his anatomical and mechanical drawings have inspired the technology and advances we have today.  This is stuff that is very common and know to most people. For this I looked briefly  at his drawings for inspiration; being aware he may be a common source of inspiration for a floating city … in Rome so trying to stay clear from the predictable. However looking at his drawings are fantastic, the style and depth into his notes and designs are innovative in my eyes.

Da Vinci’s Inventions- Accessed 4th Feb 2016

Da Vinci Code

Continuing on from Da Vinci, I thought of the film. I will admit I haven’t seen it but i remember the film has something about a cryptex. The cryptex is a puzzle that look like they have little segments. We could have a similar structure that could split Rome into class systems and have kinetic elements may benefit the city in some way. Since the object in the Da Vinci Code is encrypted. Could this improve the safety of the city? A city encrypted from war and crime. (sounds slightly like imprisonment, moving on.)

“Cryptography: The discipline of studying encrypted texts. Encryption is the process through which a readable text is tranformed into code that conceals its meaning. A cryptographer (Like Davinci Code’s Sophie Neveu) must discern the “key” or encryption method that will reveal how to read the text (DVC,49) The word cryptex (199) derived from cryptography, was introduced in this novel.” – Garlow, James L. The Da Vinci Codebreaker. Minneapolis, Minn.: Bethany House, 2006. Print.

Expanding table

When thinking of how things could expand and contract, it reminded myself of a table that   can  stretched to cater for more people. Would if the structure we pick down the line could do the same? We would need to think of this means when it contracts, would cities crumble?

Expanding Round Dining Table – Accessed 4th Feb 2016

Hopefully today has given some starting point, next is seeing what the team think.


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