Thelma & Louise Reaction

Today we watched Thelma and Louise; taking notes as we went along. I have to say I was surprised by the film, considering all I have to go on the film beforehand is that Simpsons  episode.

Still of ‘Marge on the Lam’

I must live a sheltered life because I was not aware they drive off a cliff at the end. (Whoops Spoilers!!) It seems like a film that started a lot of cliches and from the themes in the film. Personally is a feminist / women empowerment quality to the film which I’m guessing had an impact on the female audience. That will require further research

My notes for the film weren’t very serious as you can tell.

I know I will be watch the film again and again so expect a further analysis!!! Things I did pick up on is the shift in character dynamic, Thelma becomes the damsel in distress to the hero whilst Louise some point in the film was the hero and shifted to the damsel.

Things I thought might be useful for the artefact to explore:

  • Phone
  • Cigarettes
  • Alcohol
  • Car
  • Gun

Now we all have a sense of the film. Research time!!!!!


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