Initial Concepts

With the team meetings and the initial research gathered  we decided to create our own designs. Our group spoke about chaos and control and the involvement of nature.

DSC_0942 1

These designs were  trying to bring in the cryptex idea but combining with Davinci’s designs and some aspects of nature. However I wasn’t really happy with the design. Whilst in my mental block I looked up and had an idea.

Belfast City Hospital [Accessed 5th Feb 2016]
To be brief; for the past while I’ve been walking to City Hospital for personal reasons. Everytime I look at the building it reminds me of a big yellow prison, it doesn’t reflect that inside. It’s a very good hospital however it isn’t a pretty one.

“Being a tourist in Belfast WAS interesting. Took a bus tour with a chirpy guide who invented Belfast “sayings” that I’ve never heard anyone say, like, “Prince Charles said the City Hospital was really ugly, so people here call it Camilla”. What????” –“You Can Say What You Like About Belfast, But I Love The City – Belfasttelegraph.Co.Uk”. N.p., 2013. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.

There is one part i do like about the design is the bottom since it reminds me of aqueducts, these were mentioned by Jenny about how we could implement these into the designs.

Using the bottom as a foundation, creating aqueducts at the bottom. The foundation could be created as a more ancient Rome piece of architecture like the colosseum; whilst the top could become more scatter and chaotic like the Amalfi coast. Here is also a Vespa tyre makes the city float.

when thinking of alternative ideas, there was the ideas of the city have a cascading effecting, the further you go up the more luxurious and chaotic it becomes.These designs were influenced by an artist I know very little about however their work is beautiful.

Min Seub Jung 

I love the style! The complexity of use of perspective is really nice to see, would love to incorporate this complexity into my own concept art. I really like the detail of the architecture , the feel that the cities constructed are pulled from the ground and suspended.


I’m not sure how these design go so far however it’s a start!


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