Thelma & Louise Research

To get more  out of the film I wanted to see if there was any interviews or trivia that could be of any help. I also can’t attached to films without researching them so this must be done!
I found this article by Callie Khouri which was great for understanding Thelma and Louise. There was a lot of quotes which i found were useful for learning about the deeper meaning behind the film. Here’s a few of them:
“The idea that people can speak to you in such a way that if you had a gun you would kill them is something I think women experience every day. It’s not that there’s something wrong with the world in which we live, it’s just that we haven’t assimilated properly to understand that. Women don’t know their place, because if we have to put up with this, then there really is no place, is there? So I know the crime was going to have to be something like murder.”
“It doesn’t really matter what happened to Louise. What happened to her happened to her. There are thousands and thousands of women walking around that have something in their past we don’t know about, and they deserve to be treated with respect, whether we had anything to do with it or not.”
“I also wanted to deal with the idea of Louise feeling responsible for what happened. She started out playing a game with Jimmy, that she wasn’t going to be in town when he got back and this is what she gets for not being honest. So she feels like she precipitated the whole thing. If you find yourself holding back your feelings, or having to play games, nothing good ever really comes of it.”
Overall it’s a really great article for understanding the film; underlying the struggles of everyday woman . I’ve realised with this film my inner feminist could come out. whoops. (We will see…)
“Each of the male characters in the film is a different version of “that guy,” disappointing in some way, perhaps even disgusting: Thelma’s dim, restrictive husband, played by Christoper McDonald; Harvey Keitel’s sympathetic but relentless cop; the charismatic young thief played by Brad Pitt; and Thelma’s attacker Harlan (Timothy Carhart), who starts out just asking the women to dance.”
When looking back at the film; all the male characters are not helpful when it all is boiled down to it. JD is a liar and thief, Darryl is emotional abusive, Jimmy betrays, Harlan is an overall jackass. By portraying these women as normal women with everyday roles, this enlightens that these abusive and destructive relationships  are an everyday thing for females. It’s only when Thelma and Louise commit murder, they ‘break the norm.’
This interview by Ridley Scott goes through why he directed the film.  When other directors wouldn’t take up the challenge of directing an “epic movie” with two female as the protagonists, Ridley Scott sold it so much for himself that he prepared for the role as director.
Geena Davis gives Weller some insights into how she and Sarandon were able to stay cool during the roadhouse scene. “We asked the prop guy, ‘Do you have any real tequila? Because it’s easier to act if we taste alcohol,” she says. “So we pounded back quite a few, and we’re laughing between takes and both feeling, We’re so drunk! This is great!” Michael Madsen, who played Jimmy, reveals that Pitt had his own ways to chill. “I walked out of the motel in the morning, and Brad would be out smoking a joint,” he tells Weller. “We got stoned together a couple of times. Every actor finds his way to make it work; that was his thing.”
To know that the actors/actresses actually did this i think added to the character of the movie. Somewhat adds the craziness of Geena Davis’ performance and the relaxed attitude of Brad Pitt. This article had Geena Davis & Susan Sarandon revisit their time in Thelma and Louise. It was very interesting to see them surprised at the impact of the film especially amongst women. How women were deeply affected and agreed with the film’s message.
Also there is mention that at the end Ridley Scott made Louise’s death evident but not Thelma’s. If the ending they chose was so abrupt then that could have been a theory to explore in the group.
Now I have did bit of extra research, I like the film a lot more. Especially the writing from Callie Khouri who wanted to challenge the audience with at the time challenging topics. I’m excited to see what direction the project is going.

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