Vogler – Archetypes

For the presentation & artefact we need to understand ‘The Writer’s Journey’ A while ago each group took a part of each book and presented it in order that we can learn the book in a day. unfortunately listening to information isn’t helpful for myself. So now I plan to learn the long way. Through reading and making notes, it took my the whole evening but i made a “cheat sheet” for myself of all the archetypes so now I don’t  need to refer back to the book if i want to find key information (Ain’t i organised!!!)

Archetype Notes

With the knowledge I have learnt from Vogler I was able to identify these archetypes in the characters in Thelma and Louise. I found many of the characters had multiple archetypes as the story went on:

Thelma:Trickster(comical sidekick) Hero (Transformed)

Thelma is the comical relief out of the duo who causes mischief unintentionally. However the progression of her character causes her to turn into the hero when Louise is in need of help.

Louise: Hero (Anti hero) Mentor (Fallen mentor)

Louise is a hero to Thelma saving her from being raped by Harlan and taking her away from an emotional abusive marriage. However shooting Harlan doesn’t make her a hero to the rest of the world causing her to be the outlaw; the anti hero. She is Thelma’s mentor teaching her tricks and tips along the way and guiding her however due to the internal wounds she has herself, some point we see Louise fall as the mentor leaving Thelma to take the reigns before she pulls herself back for the final chase at the end.

Harlan: Shadow (External, Louise inner demon), Threshold Guardian(Lesser thug)

Harlan is the lesser thug standing in Thelma and Louise’s way from the road trip. He is the first threshold guardian that causes the catalyst of events. Despite trying to rape Thelma, his character would be the entity of an inner demon for Louise. Due to Louise’s past and familiar experience with this character his actions hurt Louise far more internally than Thelma which is why Louise destroyed him.

Jimmy: Ally (Messenger) Shapeshifter (Love interest)

Jimmy is the love interest to Louise and acts as a helpful servant wiring money to Thelma & Louise. However whenever he returns from his journey he is cornered by police where he reveals his actions that he was wiring them money; changing his loyalty.

JD: Shapeshifter (Love interest) Mentor (Teaches Thelma )

JD is a love interest to Thelma and becomes her mentor when she asks how to rob a place. However his intentions are false as he takes the money left on the beside table for Thelma and Louise

Darryl:Shadow (Thelma’s inner demon)

Darryl is Thelma’s inner demon. As a inner demon he tries to stop Thelma from having an independent life and tries to control Thelma through emotional abuse. However he is destroyed when Thelma cuts all ties with him during her progression to change.

Hal:Herald (Issued by phone call)

Hal could be considered as an ally towards Thelma and Louise however he is more of a herald asking for the girls to change and turn themselves in (Ally like intentions). These interactions are done by a phone call and issues the duo the challenge of making it across the border alive. He also brings a balance to the police force who before who hostile in their actions to pursue Thelma and Louise.

Max: Herald (Issues challenges)

Max brings balance to the story by being brought in to investigate the crimes. He makes the call for change by pursuing Thelma and Louise.

Lena/Waitresses: Ally (Helpful Servant)

Lena is the helpful servant who provides Thelma and Louise with drinks and advice; foreshadowing Harlan’s intentions. She doesn’t disprove loyalty when confronted by Hal.

Trucker: Shadow (External)

Symbolises another lesser thug in Thelma and Louise’s life when behaving rudely towards them. He is destroyed when his truck is destroyed by Thelma and Louise

Police Officers/State Troopers: Threshold Guardian

All of the officers involved are road block in Thelma and louise’s way, providing a obstacles and challenges. Through each officers provides a test for Thelma and Louise. Contrasting from the beginning when the duo avoid them on the road to confronting them near the end of the film.

Comparing these archetypes means it’s much easier to understand Thelma and Louise. Learning the character traits means backstory and exposition for characters we don’t know much about can be easier as we can fit them with it’s character type.


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