Backstory Ideas

To line up our schematic and to understand the characters, we decided to create some backstories to reflect those characters.

Hal: Goes home to console with wife, emotional turmoil due to lost daughter over a similar instance to what happened at the Silver Bullet. This makes him sympathise with Thelma  and Louise but he position on the law means he has to abide by his duty.
Jimmy: Goes to buy ring to surprise Louise hence the lack of contact between the two at the start. After when he is interrogated he realises Louise is no longer in his life and decided to share information; bitter about the way things have ended.
Cyclist: Is actually lost and was originally in a race, he’s been in trouble with police before hence aggression

Waitresses: they go home and do normal things. For Lena most of her time could be spent glaring at drunk customers or even to tie together characters trying to deal with Harlan before Thelma and Louise enter the Silver Bullet.

DJ: Steals and robs as he goes to state to state. it isn’t until he meets Thelma he fee;s there could be potential love interest (With the polaroid of her in his hand) However after spending the night with Thelma. He sees the money and decided “Screw love” and gets away before bumping into his parole officer.

Old man: Waiting for his friend to get cigarettes patiently.

Harlan: at home and work miserable, hits on ladies at bars. The only way i can describe this is through this video. (I’m sorry)

Darryl: cheating on Thelma when he leaves the house, miserable or angry over losing her and faced with the turmoil of having to live independently.

State Trooper who stops Thelma & Louise: It’s his first day on the job and after acting too cocky he’s stuck in the truck where no finds him until they recover the wreckage of the Thunderbird.

We don’t how to visualise these yet, we are thinking of some concept art. However we will see what happens!


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