Making the Initial Schematic

Today we came together and gathered up all our knowledge and information. To create a super diagram, the schematic…. *oooooooohhh applause*

To recap on who was living what character to work on:

Louise, Harlen, Albert, Motel Clerk, Old Dude

Thelma, Hal, Lena, Waitress, Cyclist

Darryl, Max, Officer, Trucker, Homer

Jimmy, J.D, Major

We came in and thought it would be best to initially go through the schematic on a whiteboard. As you can see we concluded the middle of the film was the motel scenes where love scenes occur. This was a very brief draft  but it helped us a lot figuring out which characters intersect and when a phone call was made. The phone call part is important as it gives exposition where the characters are despite not being face to face. They are still having a conversation. Claire put in a dot every time there was a phone call.


DSC_000002 25.JPG
Rough Schematic

With that roughly done, it was time to attempt to make it digital. Jenny was very keen to do this and within a couple of hours she was done. (Like the wizard she is!) And here below is the schematic in digital format:


Jenny was very organised and even put in little graphics to indicate certain moments (The car at the end is majestic!!) The dotted lines indicate phone calls (alongside a telephone icon) and the degree of the dotted line depends on whether the receiver of the phone has answered or not.  A singular dot indicated a diner or bar Thelma and Louise stop at and at the  top is the locations thelma and Louise had crossed.

Now the foundations of the schematic is done, all is left is to tweak, huzzah!!!

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