My Own Stupid Schematic

To get my head around the schematic and for no ones use but my own i decided to make my own to  understanding all the elements we have on our own one. Mine i know is wrong so i’m glad are official one is done by all of us and digital visualised by Jenny.

DSC_000002 24.JPG
Schematic Stuff

Through this it makes me question the backstories of characters. Not that they need changing but prioritising who’s backstory is important. Obviously main ones to think about are Hal, Jimmy & JD. Hal is spread out through the story but there are many points in story we don’t know where is travelling he just appears!  As for Jimmy his backstory is mentioned with Louise from the start but isn’t introduced till the middle of the story. Therefore there is a lot of information we don’t know about him as where his story starts and ends. JD backstory is mysterious as we don’t know if he is telling the truth or not as he is a thief.

As for characters like Darryl, Max etc are very predictable. With that I shall move on!

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