Thoughts/Concepts for Artifact

While the film was still fresh in my head and looking at my notes I made on Thelma and Louise, I was able to come up with a few and drawings for the artefact.

Telephone Box

Telephone calls and phone booths are very common in the film. In the beginning we see Thelma and Louise interact initially through a phone call and once they are on the road, characters are introduced to Thelma and Louise through the phone. These conversations have been important for backstory and exposition revealing information of the policeman’s progress and even highlighting moments of character progression. (Thelma’s phone call to Darryl)

The idea of having a phone booth made with scratchings of initials and room numbers. Or   a  household telephone which could be bought or made much more easily. Thinking of a way the phone booth could be improved. Instead of just mimicking a phone, we could have a memo pad or something beside it with co ordinates of their journey or details of the events.

Phone Concept

Alcohol/ Cigarrettes & Other Substances

Alcohol and cigarrettes have been featured throughout the movie; signifiers for change in Thelma’s life. As the story unfolds and chaos prevails, Thelma and Louise become more careless of their actions. Thelma starts off mimicking Louise with her cigarettes and by the end of the story she’s smoking without the approval of Louise. The miniatures Thelma buy  resemble her need for change but almost seem like short fixes as her characters is one that lives in the moment rather than choosing “the economy size”.

Thinking of the dangers of smoking and drinking and that it can have consequences down the line, that line of thought parallels with the plot line of Thelma and Louise. Using this double meaning and irony i thought would be a good idea for poster; a warning message like you would see on a packet of cigarettes or a DOE advert.

Trying to find other artists who use graphic design to explore double meaning I found Malika Favre. French designer situated in London, her work is described as “Pop Art meets OpArt.” Making use of positive and negative space. Her style would be finalist with contrasting colours. A particular series of hers that I am interested in is her work for EE BAFTA’s where she produced a series of posters to advertise the awards

Boyhood by Malika Favre [Accessed 10th Feb 2016]
Using shadows to convey a double meaning; it isn’t obvious to begin with but as you explore the image you can see how  the shadows foreshadow and reveal exposition dependent on the composition.

Malika says: “Like the poster itself I wanted people to be able to look at the various images without even seeing that shadow so there was a bit of a magical moment when the viewer discovered the trick. Some were easier than others of course but hopefully we manage to get the essence of each of the films and tell a story.”[Accessed 10th Feb 2016]

The Grand Budapest Hotel by Malika Favre. [Accessed 10th Feb 2016]
In my sketchbook I had the idea of a cigarette box raised at the lid with the Thunderbird soaring in the air. The words that would read alongside of that would be “Smoking Kills!” That was an initial idea however for it to be an artefact `I think there would need to be a series of them. To advance on these ideas we could experiment with the layouts and make use of silhouettes and negative space like in Favre’s work.

Poster Concept

Later on thinking of the warning posters that act as a deterrent. I thought of the “Meth. Only Once” adverts.

Meth Advertising Campaign 
Another Poster Concept

Taking this idea and mimicking it; I thought of one that could apply to Thelma and Louise. Playing with the words, (Changing meth or murder) I made my own deterrent poster. However I don’t know if this would be considered plagiarism. Maybe ….

When discussing with the team about idea we came up with a few more which we came up with a few more ideas. 


Thomas mentioned to us awhile ago that the gun has seen a lot of things, a lot of murder and crimes have been committed using the gun. Whilst meeting up we were reminded of this and thought we could use the gun in some way. They could have a holster for the gun so Thelma and Louise can be more careful when handling it. (since they seemed to be using I a lot they would need one!)

Cassette Tape

Whilst talking to the group we were talking about Hans Zimmer and the soundtrack of Thelma and Louise. Thinking of the thunderbird and if Thelma and Louise spent they journey in silence. Would they have listened to music on the radio? Would they have had their own mix tape? Jenny had a cool idea of a cassette tape with scenes painted on the film. The only problem is the time and the level of precision that would go into painting the scenes.

Washing Line

During the chase scene the Thunderbird flies through washing line. What if our artifact was the washing line? We could have elements of the chase scene, a gun holster, police badge, clothes from the area. It could have elements of the thunderbird on the washing line, items from their suitcase etc. The entangled mess could symbolise the entangled mess they were in up until the end of the story.


When we were talking we had this idea of the suitcase to resemble their journey. With the outside looking really beat up from the journey as if it was recovered from the wreckage. On a deeper level it could resemble the implicit and the explicit meaning. The outside represents the journey whilst the inside represents something deeper.

Vanity/Make up

One thing I noticed is that the appearance of Thelma and Louise deteriorates through the film. At the start Thelma is wearing white to display innocence and even after the shooting tries to reclaim her vanity with brushing her hair. Through the movie Thelma’s tight curls loosen and Louise throws out her lips stick. maybe symbolising the quest for being something more than vanity alongside freedom. Various ideas coming from this idea are quite small:

  • Lipstick
  • Mirror
  • cosmetics bag acting the same way as the suitcase.
  • The dashboard of the Thunderbird where they use the mirror to refresh their lipstick and check their hair.

We decided to think upon the ideas and see what stand out to us during the week.



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