Hal Concept Piece

For the backstories  I want to create some concept art to visualise what each character is going through. I started off with Hal. As discussed in this blog post here. We think when Hal is not in the scenes he is at home reminiscing over loss. We would think loss of a daughter as that would explain more Hal’s protective attitudes towards Thelma and Louise.

I had the imagery of Hal looking at a picture in his wallet. He wouldn’t have photos on display as that may be too ghostly but a secluded picture would be more fitting. Using red and black as dark imagery and thinking of the cinematography in the diner.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 23.32.39
Still of Thelma & Louise

This originally was a piece in my book but I took it into Photoshop after to add in a few more details. Its bit frantic and sketchy but I think it somewhat visualises Hal his backstory. There’s a lot of things that I would change about it but using the piece to visual what we were talking about; its done it’s job!

DSC_000003 23
Hal Concept Art

When showing this to the team, the group wanted to make some concept of some of the characters which i think is great as we can all take interpretations of the characters, whether they are main characters or secondary! Hopefully I’ll be able to get another character concept done! If not i tried.


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