MAYA FUN!!!! (:-D)

Conánn over the past few weeks has been teaching us MAYA with various assignments.

Bouncing Ball/Donut

Two weeks ago we were shown how to make a bouncing ball. Previously taught by Alec we learnt how to create the animation through the ‘S’ key and graph editor. Now we are advancing and learning how to animate using the outliner and split up our animation set ups through locators. Also we have recently learnt the ‘S’ key is the equivalent of shooting kittens. (oh dear!)

Learning the benefit of the outliner  and splitting up animation setting means we can apply these to any object. Also by grouping objects we can create a hierarchy which means  we won’t have to create individual movements for lots of shapes, for e,g, when you are creating a solar system and needs the planets to revolve around the sun.

Also by using noise and acting out the animation we can indicate better timings. Applying  knowledge of the weight of the ball we can determine the velocity projection of the bounce.

We first started off animating a sphere using these tools.

We then added a torus (donut) and grouped it with the sphere.

Personally looking at my own animations, for these two I probably could have added less extreme poses as you can see more obviously with the torus. But I guess that adds to it’s character.



We last week we learnt how to animate JONAS using methods applied above however this character came pre-rigged. With JONAS we learnt using the channel box to make adjustments how auto key is not nice! (more dying kitten ahead!!) Also by making key poses and working on timing, exaggeration etc.

My JONAS animation annoys me a lot. I think the timing is off in parts but I don’t know how to fix it without having to repeat all the before steps. So I think my next step is to figure out how the heck you can move a whole set of key frames at once. More practice is needed!!!



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