For the suitcase we thought about making some stickers to show Thelma and Louise’s journey. So far we thought about stickers for the bars and diners, every city they go into etc.

I thought i would make a sticker based on the silver bullet, Claire made a sticker based on Oklahoma city. The rest we thought we could just be correct and use the actual flags and icons for Oklahoma , Arkansas & Arizona.

For the lettering for silver, I found the scene that shown the sign for the bar and tried to imitate the lettering in my sketchbook. I think tried to recreate my lettering in photoshop with some basic text for the rest of the words. I used a blue colour palette as with  a name like silver; cold colours seemed more appropriate!

DSC_0883 1
Sketch From Book
silver bullett
Silver Bullet Logo

The logo itself it’s not too bad and is only a small element of our suitcase but it’s all apart of the story we are trying to convey in our artifact.


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