Artefact Coming Together

I’ve waited till now to go through the process of making the artefact. Gathering pieces for it was slow to start however as a team we were able to gather all the pieces quickly and in tandem with each other. So a bulk post now is much more easier for my brain to handle!

The Cases

Originally we thought about getting a real case, like one of those old fashioned cases however  we couldn’t find one nor buying one was worth spending a lot of money! However Jenny found these in CraftWorld. These are individual suitcases but Jenny had the idea of buying multiple sizes and having them as a Russian doll effect. Since Thelma at the start was complained at for bringing so main cases and with each case could have more revealed about the significance.

With that we bought them, painted and glossed them.  Then did what any person would do, break them.

Bought Stuff

For the gun, we went to a pound world shop and bought a cheap toy then we altered bits here and there so it doesn’t look so…toy-ish!  We also wanted an item of clothing in the case, myself and Thomas went on the haunt for any old looking scarves and came across one which did nicely! We were going to have jeans in the case but considering the time of the project due and the size of the case,  less is more. Bringing in the elements of appearance and vanity we bought a cheap lipstick and used it to write a message in the smallest case; Like women do on mirrors.

Print Outs & Made things

For this Jenny was able to print our some maps, flags and a picture of Thelma and Louise to act a a polaroid for the last case. However we didn’t want to completely cheat and decided to make some of our own stickers and receipts. I made a sticker for The Silver Bullet whilst Claire made one for Oklahoma City. Thomas then made a few receipts for the various places Thelma and Louise visited.  With the receipts and stickers we were able to place them on and around the case.

Oklahoma City by Claire

Cigarettes & Alcohol

For that we pinched a few butts (nudge nudge wink wink. wait no!), cigarette butts that is and Jenny made one  as a backup. Having the cigarettes in the case gave an immediate scent of smoke which adds to the artifact.  Thomas also created a cigarette box which was cool!

For the miniature we  were finding it tough to find one, however help was at hand. A friend of mine had a miniature but it was a vodka one, so that meant I had to do a bit of altering. Using a print out label and some cold tea (According to my dad it looks exactly like whiskey) and ta dah!

Whiskey in Bad Lighting

Thats most of the things covered! A post will be up in more detail of the cases and it’s contents!


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