Finished Schematic

On Friday myself and Jenny started adding writing around the schematic so the story is more easy to follow. We kept the minimal approach with more concentration on the lines and the graphics than the writing each individual scene. We  cut out Homer who served no purpose in the story (sorry Homer) and added in the acts alongside the locations to relate more to the structure of the story. Jenny tidied up some of the lines and added in extra bits like phones made between other characters.

The overall schematic is looking pretty good; i was worried before that our schematic was looking too simple compared to other schematics. However I think it’s about understanding the story through the diagram. As mentioned ages ago, its a visual aid so writing the plot isn’t do any better unless its for a purpose. We also have colour co ordinated lines and graphics to help with understanding the information instead of text.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 19.06.02
Thelma and Louise Schematic

The schematic is done!!!!!!

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