Vogler- Stages of the journey

For the presentation we need to show that we had an understanding of The writer’s Journey. I did what I had done previously the week before and made notes, this time on the stages of the journey and afterwards use this structure and apply it to Thelma and Louise. As you can imagine making notes on the majority of the book takes bit of time so this was done over the course of a few days (Worth it!) So now i have my own “cheat sheet” and a mini book of condensed notes

Flipping Through Notes

With these notes I was able to apply the structure to Thelma and Louise. I also tried to find other sources where Thelma and Louise was put in this structure but i thought they were wrong! (Ego increases) so hopefully mines right.

1) Ordinary World:

Thelma and Louise are introduced as characters, Theres foreshadowing at the start of future events, backstory and exposition are revealed by phone calls and conversations in the car/bar to indicate Thelma and Louise are going on a road trip.

2) Call to adventure:

Thelma despite not telling darryl sets off willingly with Louise (Due to her lacking something within herself, tired with life). Louise herself is presented with the call when Thelma wants to stop off at the silver bullet, this is conflicting for Louise as her plan was to continue driving. (This leads to refusal of the call) It is only through persuasion that Louise accepts the call.

3) Refusal of the Call:

Louise herself is hesitant about entering the Silver Bullet and later when she doesn’t want to drink and dance with Harlan (Letting the audience know something risky is happening) This tension that something bad is enforced through Lena who warns Thelma and Louise of Harlan’s intentions. However Thelma leaves no options for Louise so she follows.

4) Meeting The Mentor:

Louise is Thelma’s mentor, in the bar we see more backstory of Louise’s past unfold, We see thelma learning from Louise through partying and smoking. (This is also evident in the car before the Silver Bullet)

5) Crossing the First Threshold:

Louise shoots Harlan, changing the course of the story, Louise and Thelma now have to cross to the special world (Mexico) to seek freedom. Events internally triggered by Louise’s past. After the shooting both Louise and thelma appear bruised and battered from the incident

6) Tests, Allies, Enemies:

Characters such as JD, Jimmy, Hal are introduced. JD and Jimmy appearance at first as allies but shape shift or leave the story. Hal is introduced as the since for coming of change  pursuing Thelma and Louise. however we see through his sympathy he could be a potential ally. Now the girls are on the run there are new rules, (They must avoid the police, avoid being detected) They arrive at different watering holes and pit stops.

7) Approach:

The centre of film, loves scenes appear, the motel being a break in the story for thelma and louise to relax before the ordeal.

8) Ordeal:

Their greatest challenge, Thelma and Louise hit a crisis when JD steals the money leaving Thelma and Louise with no hope of reaching mexico and abandoned. Tensions are high and Louise hits a breaking point (The wounded hero is broken) the audience has sympathy for her. The reward only approaches when Thelma steps up as the hero.


Thelma robs the convenience store (as a trickster) in order to gain the reward of money (Elixir Theft) however this will have consequences of it’s own. The police have now evidence to convict Thelma and Louise due to security footage from the convenience store.

10) Road back:

Thelma and Louise are determined to reach new goals but are set back by state troopers (The police consider them villians) Thelma and Louise escape running for their lives.

11) Resurrection:

The moment Thelma is reborn, becoming the hero. She and louise sacrifice their future by continuing to run however Louise drops the ball by revealing their location to the police. Louise tries to change by pleading innocent to Hal as a last resort, trying to open up.  The trucker who has already been introduced is dealt with to show Thelma and Louise have changed but again it has theres consequences as the police are able to track further the duo’s movements.

12) Return of the Elixir

Thelma and Louise choose freedom and drive over the cliff. leaving the end open ended for other characters. They have their reward of independence.

With this we have more knowledge to back up our presentation, I shall send this to my group and see if their findings alter the details and change the structure.


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