Introducing the Artifact

For the artefact, Jenny thought it would be cool to create a montage to display the artifact that can show of all of the elements in the suitcases in a quick way. I suggested a stop motion, tying in with the film (Thinking of polaroids and their famous selfie) and thinking of 360 videos.

Syfy FanCam 360 Shot0638

These videos are made by several camera placed along a circular frame. Not that we have a studio or time to replicate this, the thought of having our artefact spin round featuring the dents and  marks on the case seemed like a good idea. I had a few images in my head of stop motion videos that looks quite deliberate instead of aiming for realism. Back in foundation we watched a stop motion created for Chipotle Mexican Grill. Despite the animation looking realistic it characters the scenery looks very deliberate in things chopping and changing.

Back to the start for Chipotle Mexican Grill

I asked the group about it and they were open to the idea so that was a good sign to go ahead with the video.

I shot the footage whilst Dervla (my right hand woman in the hand modelling world) helped me open the lids for the cases. I think retouched the photos and strung the together in after effects where i could further enhance the quality of the video.

The original quality of photos

Initially I set my shutter speed quite low to make the photos seem  dark, the grainy quality and high contrast were something I considered when filming. Giving a rustic look to parallel with the film. Almost a sandy quality like it has been recovered from the canyon. Using yellow is add to the rustic aesthetic instead of using cold colours to balance the footage. The music is the intro to ‘Wild Things’ by Hans Zimmer, a song created for the Thelma and Louise soundtrack .

Overall I’m pleased the result and hope the team like it as well!

The Artifact


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