Photoshop Stuff

An idea that we had at the start for the artifact was to replicate the selfie at the beginning of Thelma and Louise. We thought of it as funny joke but thought we should do it for the presentation, just a fun bonus to get a few laughs from ourselves.

I nominated myself as photoshop master and myself, Thomas and Jenny took a picture of ourselves. Claire wasn’t comfortable being in the photo so it was Just the trio. It wasn’t until I went to put us in the photo I realised the picture we took was too different in lighting and quality. 


So we agreed the ten minute photoshop masterpiece was to be redone and made better!  Using a better camera we this time got someone else to take it and we all looked the same way. I was determined to get Claire in the photo so she settled for me drawing her in.


So this is what we are left with, I regret nothing


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