The Layers of the Artifact

Now the artifact is done we can showcase what they are:

Case 1

  • Silver Bullet Logo
  • Oklahoma sticker
  • Vagabond Inn sticker
  • Arkansas sticker
  • Bullet hole
  • Thelma and Louise label

These elements are meant to show the journey with stickers of the places and states they’ve visited. Theres the bullet hole to resemble the various shootings whether it’s from the police chase or at the Silver Bullet. On the handle there is a tag with Thelma and Louise written on it to show it’s their journey.

Case 1

  • Silver Bullet/Homer Home Kitchen Receipt
  • Map showing route
  • Cigarette Box/Cigarette/Cigarette Butts
  • Gun
  • Wild Turkey Shot
  • Louise’s head scarf

These feature mementos of the journey with the route of the initial road trip. The receipts are to show the stage of the journey; before the first threshold.

Case 2

  • Oklahoma state flag sticker
Outside case 2

Case 2

  • Fuel receipt
  • Map showing route
  • Crumpled money
  • Paper with Peaches written on it

This case features the new journey, the point in the story where they had to travel to a new destination. Showing the money that they eventually lost and the code word “Peaches” from before the money was stolen.

Inside case 2 & Outside case 3

Case 3

  • New Mexico flag sticker
  • Arizona state flag


Case 3

  • Lipstick
  • Selfie
  • “Let’s keep goin’” written in lipstick
Inside case 3

Show the underlying message of the story. “lets keep goin” to signify the freedom they received at the end of the road and the selfie which shows how far their friendship has come through the journey. We see the polaroid fly off the car as they go over the canyon, it has been in the thunderbird from the very beginning and likely treasured thought the journey.

So glad we got the artifact done! Great team effort from Jenny, Thomas & Claire. (Check out their blogs!!! )Now all is left is to present the artifact in an interesting way *queue video*


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