The Wonders of Pinterest

To get inspired, our group made individual Pinterest boards. Although the platform can have it’s pitfalls for gathering research, it became a useful tool in gathering visual inspiration and organising visual inspiration already found.

Faucet by Simin Qiu [Accessed 20th Feb 2016]
This faucet was designed by Simin Qiu, a student from the London Royal College of Art. This design manipulates the water to create geometric patterns. It’s created not only for appearance but for economical and environmental reasons; producing 15% less water.

“The faucet weaves small jets of water into intricate, cross-hatched designs that look like they belong on delicate crystal glassware. The faucet head is a simple, minimalistic curve, making the designs it spouts out all the more delightful.” – “Magnificent Faucet Swirls Water Into Elegant Patterns”. My Modern Met. N.p., 2015. Web. 20 Feb. 2016.

Through this design I was thinking of how kinetics will effect the world and would the design actually benefit the city environmentally and economically? I don’t know if it’s appearance would have any impact on our final design however it is raising questions that are interesting or that we should consider.

Pantheon Plan [Accessed 20th Feb 2016]

This was taken from Flickr under the account; Penn State University Libraries Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library.‘ Below is the description under the photo:

“Modified in execution from 1757, the church as originally proposed was approached by a massive temple portico consisting of 24 columns taller that those of the Pantheon in Rome. Below was a vast stone-vaulted crypt supported on Greek Doric columns, again simplified a little in execution. the nave walls were to be pierced with numerous windows like those in a Gothic cathedral, allowing light to flood the nave through the colonnades, while the dome is supported by the slenderest of piers, each wrapped around with three engaged columns. (Watkin, Davis. A History of Western Architecture. 4th Ed.Watson-Guptill Publications, New York)”

Taken from: Pantheon (Rome): Plan”. Flickr – Photo Sharing!. N.p., 2006. Web. 20 Feb. 2016.

The Pantheon is a very interesting building, the blueprints of the building show how the dome  and other parts are constructed. This may come in handy when we are designing the city for reference.

Hypnotic Kinetic Sculpture by Jennifer Towny [Accessed 20th Feb 2016]
This is a kinetic sculpture by Jennifer Towny, again thinking of how kinetics could play into the floating city. This sculpture seems to have intertwining sections, could this be represented as different layers or class systems? Would this have a part to play in the city floating or producing energy? Of course thinking realistically this mechanism may be a bit complicated for the city however if it leads to better ideas then its something to consider.

“Images where lines and figures match each other so perfectly they could be repeated indefinitely. This infinity, regularity and obedience is what Townley also finds fascinating about mechanical machines; they are robust, strenuous and seemingly immortal” – Jobson, Christopher. “Hypnotic Kinetic Sculptures By Jennifer Townley Fuse Mathematics And Art”. Colossal. N.p., 2015. Web. 20 Feb. 2016.

Star by Jun Ong [Accessed 20th Feb 2016]
This is a light installation created by Jun Ong created using cable and LED strips. The dodecahedron in the middle of the installation is an interesting shape and could be an interesting shape for the floating city. It is more so an inspiration for how light could effect the city and the thought of Rome becoming a light installation in itself.

The Star – LED Sculpture launch

Jun Ong describes the installation and meaning which is interesting to see why the light installation exists;
“Inspired by the notion of “glitch,” a dodecahedron – a 12-sided star-shaped installation appears almost as an error or a temporary irregularity, suddenly finding itself lodged within the concrete superstructure of an unfinished building by the street of Raja Uda.” –“Star : JUN ONG”. N.p., 2015. Web. 20 Feb. 2016.

Rejuvenation by Jonty Hurwitz. [Accessed 20th Feb 2016] 
Created by Jonty Hurwitz, these are sculptures which play with distortion. The sculptural series is called ‘Catropic Anamorphosis.’ Playing with distortion is something our group hasn’t thought about. Applying it to our floating with we could explore what Rome is projected to be versus what it actually is. However that could be very complex idea to present and even model!

Giambattista Nolli’s map of Rome [Accessed 20th Feb 2016]
“It is known not because it records one of the most famous cities in the world at a time when that city was being increasingly visited by the Grand Tourists who brought its architectural ideas to England. Nor is the map famous because it shows so many buildings which still exist, nor even because it is still easy to navigate one’s way around the city using the map. Nolli’s map is famous because it embodies one simple idea, the idea that a city may be conceived of, and experienced as, a series of enclosed spaces, primarily streets, squares and the insides of public buildings, rather than as a series of objects.” – “Giambattista Nolli’S Map”. the architecture blog. N.p., 2013. Web. 20 Feb. 2016.

Instead of trying to put it in my own words, this words above seemed more appropriate. This was gathered thinking of Jonny’s idea of incorporating maps as a mesh to base the structure of the city. From the text, the thoughts that come to mind are what is a city made up of? Is it tourism points or is the residential areas. These questions give something to reflect on when designing a city. What is Rome? and if we were to sum up the city what would it be?

104 ciclotrama 1
Ciclotramas 3 by Mello & Landini. [Accessed 20th Feb 2016]
These are apart of various installation by Mell & Landini. The artists mention how their interest for intertwining and crossing lines. These installations are great when comparing them to organic things such as vines and branches.  Like the idea of mesh, our city could have this vein structure as a symbolism for `Rome being made new and growing into something else. – “CICLOTRAMA 3 (NOVA Cultura Contemporânea – 2012)”. N.p., 2016. Web. 20 Feb. 2016.

Corridor of Hell by Saud Alrshiad[Accessed 20th Feb 2016]
This image was found on ‘Fotoblur’ created by user Saud Alrshiad. I really like the composition, the vanishing point and the use of perspective is something we could play with. Like in Savello Park with the Keyhole. We could use arches and curves to desplay interesting vantage points.

Spherical Gears GIF [Accessed 20th Feb 2016]
I love this design unfortunately the internet being the internet I cannot find the source for this GIF. However I’ve found out so far it is 3D printed spherical gears. Looking at this design, like with the other GIF’s makes me think of the kinetics and mechanisms of the floating city. This spherical design is hollow (no support on the inside.) so could our city just have a civilisation externally and maybe an energy source in the middle keeping it afloat?? There is also a steampunk element in this that could be explored however it is a theme that could be cliché!

As they were a variety of images on the Floating City board; I wasn’t able to to source all of the images. Here is the rest of my images on the pinterest board

I also got a lot of visual inspiration from the rest of the group’s boards, I found that as a group there were images where we were overlapping in boards. The other guys gathered a lot of visual research for the project that it only seemed fitting to showcase their boards.

However out of all of the pins gathered, there were some images really helped me visualise concepts. Here is them picked from the boards:



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