The Hidden Disorder

Whilst research animation I found this animation

The Optimist – Accessed 23rd February 

I really like this animation, the low poly style and the white principles look is something  are already looking into but the twist  [WATCH THE VIDEO OR SPOILERS!!]  that the character is blind and the negative space is to initially bring us into her world with the addition of sounds and colour.

“2 years ago when I was 16, I had the idea of a story that visually portrayed the perspective of someone who has no vision, a blind girl. I found the ironic use of the visual medium (a short film) intriguing. So, all through Last year, I decided to practice the craft of filmmaking and create it myself. Modeled, animated, and rendered entirely in Blender. minor post production in After Effects and edited in Premiere. “- “The Optimist : Animated Short Film”. Vimeo. N.p., 2015. Web. 23 Feb. 2016.

Looking through the comments I found out there is another animation which actually follows this same format. I don’t know if either of these two creators know they have similar animations..they probably don’t want to know….whoops!

Out of Sight – Accessed 23rd Feb 2016

This is a 2D animation which when you watch it, you can see they are similar. There is something very cute about this animation, it’s much more appealing to eye and it’s tackle’s the plot twist that she is blind in a different way. Instead of slowly revealing the context that the character is blind through colour and sound. We see it through wait for it …the character’s

Classic meme i’m sorry don’t leave

Moving back on point, the character bumps into objects and through that impact they light up. Reflecting on both animation, I love both of the styles however I think the Out of Sight animation wins by a fraction. Hopefully we will get to explore this a lot more (I’m not saying do a blind animation but our group should do a blind animation..)



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