Thomas Ridgewell

I mentioned before about ASDF movies and it’s creator Thomas Ridgewell; known online as Tomska. ASDF movies maybe his most notary work however he writes and creates a lot of sketches which are funny and witty. His work reminds me of director Edgar Wright (no doubt he will be mentioned at some point in this module.)

Tomska’s live action work is filmed by Ciaran O’ Brien, who does the cinematography for a lot of British film makers (I refuse to say Youtuber since it’s not a vlog or a challenge video, no different to sketch shows on tv. Sorry i rambled a tad, back on topic)

Here’s a few of his sketches and things our team could take from them.

Literal Drinks (feat. Crabstickz)

This sketch is actually very similar to the type of ideas our group was talking about; thinking of idioms and phrases and ways to visualise that. A lot that is happening is conversational and reliant on dialogue, feels very much like a man walks into a bar. Looking at the use of camera we start off with an establish shot of the bar for exposition then we have a range of counter shots/ reverse shots which are kept static so we can follow the conversation of the two characters. The camera only changes when the bar man is introduced; before he was shown through introduced thought arm motions (much like in Edgar Wright’s films where things would be introduced to the side of the camera.) this lets us know he is a secondary character establish a hierarchy amongst characters.Personally I think especially if we go into a humour based narrative that dialogue could play a real important part.

What Happened? (feat. 5secondfilms)

This one is slightly more ridiculous but I really like the way its the same initial joke but explained in different ways. For the effect of the joke to still be funny was all down to the different characters responding and reacting (also repetition is funny, hence why Vine exists!). I don’t know if we could pull anything off in that time frame like this however thinking of our staging or portrayal of characters is something we could take from this. Bar the introduction and ending; this is filmed as a static shot. This makes the staging of the sketch funnier as the character give off the impression they are on a conveyer belt and by watching the sketch we learn that through repetitiveness and characters introduced from the left that they’re at the end of the line.


This Sketch is similar to Literal Drinks in the sense where dialogue is key where the use of the narrator gives use backstory in staging the joke. Again it is a static shot as these scenes are in parallel universes; they show these characters are doing some common action which connects them. I like the used of editing; where it’s kept in a perceptual motion so the audience are kept in the joke; much like What happened. With repetition the jokes become funnier.

I think for myself it was worth while looking into Tomska’s work for inspiration. Whether we actually make a comedy sketch or some form of satire, I hope camera is a considered just as much!


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