Stories on Daily Life

When thinking of a narrative I tried to think of stories on daily life, this was continuing on Beccaa’s influence of the Tales of Mere existence. I find the most funniest things that happen are in real life. Theres something so funny but relatable when you see a comic, show or animation that captures a daily part of life. It explains why Simon’s Cat is so popular around the world since the common denominator is nearly everyone has a pet… if its a cat then he/she will likely be annoying (Speaking as a cat owner)

Continuing from the white principle as well I went to a lot of web comics. On Tumblr you see them circulating the internet, they carry humour and capture an aspect of daily life. Enough for myself to chuckle then scroll through my newsfeed.

Pigeon Gazette

This is an example of an Illustrator who captures daily life. Her character for me is someone I see in myself. Thats also because a few years ago i looked exactly like the character but also because each story is something that I can relate to (I wonder how many times I can say relate in this blog post.)


There were so many comics I wanted to put in here but I think this is a good example. What i love I the minimalist style that our group has been looking for; only seeing whats needed. I also love the character and her design, up to her glasses which almost become her pupils. I think if we were gonna do anything with our own animation I would look to create something that another person could go “Yes I identify with this character.”

Community Channel

Community Channel is a “Youtuber” or Vlogger that expresses everyday annoyances and culture. Much like how the Pigeon Gazette would through her comics. Obviously she uses herself as all her characters but I think theres something interesting about that. As we all have our own perceptions and images of the people in our lives its funnier to see someone give their impression of that person . It explains why people find impressions funny because its the ability to capture something they identify with and are able to replicate.

Watch you watching – Accessed 24th Feb 2016

Speaking of Natalie Tran, A year ago she made a video on ‘Asain in the Media’ a talk at Brown University. Looking at the topic of the stereotypes and pressures of Asian actors and creators in the media. It reminds me that the world is so diverse and what we put out in the world is going to have an impact on someone. So it is important to portray characters not by stereotypes and things like ethnicity.

Natalie Tran- Asians in Media Talk – Accessed 24th Feb 2016

Moving on to other things, this story came at a weird time as I was researching this. This week my mum was in hospital and last night when i came to visit her she was telling me what happened to her last night:

So my mum was reading last night, she went to turn on her light but it wasn’t working and because she stays up late she needed on. Her thought process was if I go to the bed beside and swap lightbulbs, no harm will be done. As she unscrewed the lightbulb from the lamp across., the night nurse came in and shouted at her about health and safety. So my mum took the lightbulb anyways and continued to read, this came to “bite her on the ass” when a new patient came in early morning and needed the lightbulb she swapped. So she was told off again.


I found this hilarious because this is stuff my mum does on a daily basis. In my head I thought about recording her life through web comics or like those Twitter accounts . So I drew this for my mum. However my group found it quite funny so its always nice to see a story  that more than myself and dad find funny!





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