Second Team Meeting & Stuff

When meeting up today we see what information we were able to gather so far we found parallels and interests of ours coming together.

  • We like this white room principle/minimalist setting- This can be shown through silhouettes, prominent colours contrasting a muted colour palette
  • The idea of a hidden meaning sounds interesting
  • We like playing with the idea of the double edged sword- “(idiomatic) A benefit that is also a liability, or that carries some significant but non-obvious cost or risk.” – [“Double-Edged-Sword Dictionary Definition | Double-Edged-Sword Defined”. Web. 25 Feb. 2016.]
  • Looking at the contrast of a harsh and soft reality
  • Blending contrast using gradients


Looking at characters we picked pieces and features we liked in order to get some inspiration.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

For characters we really like Tim Lockwood; the father figure in ‘CWACOM.’ The way his character’s eyes rarely shows his eyes and his brow becomes the main facial signifier of his emotions. Although only thinking about the project for a brief time we didn’t think of taking advantage of things like facial hair and how we could manipulate that.

Looking at one of the many character designers; Carey Yost. I really like the style; weirdly enough it reminds me of our team mate Rebecca Blair’s drawings. The exaggeration in the eyebrow as one functioning muscle is very clear with the moustache to top off that he is a burley character.

Character Design; Tim Lockwood by Carey Yost. [Accessed 25th Feb 2016 ]
The Brave Little Toaster 

Looking at inanimate objects, not strictly using the character designs for inspirations. More interesting to see a take on how everyday objects carry emotion. The Brave little Toaster conveys a character by its placement of facial features.  (Ah the vague memories of nostalgia)

The Brave Little Toaster still [Accessed 25th Feb 2016]

Whilst talking of gradients and muted characters; we look into Paranormal and the work of Tim Burton. Much like his work in ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ & ‘Corpse Bride.’ The colours convey something of nightmares with gothic influences.

There’s a good interview on Tim Burton where he talks about his thought process behind his ideas and shows how developing your own style can majorly impact your work.

Behind the Scenes: Tim Burton at MoMA [Accessed 25th Feb 2016]

Still of Paranorman [Accessed 25th Feb 2016]
Other quick videos

Here are some quick videos that the group found over the week, advancing from our initial meet up.Exploring Idioms and saying we came across these videos;

Confessions of an Idiom Animated comedy [Accessed 25th Feb 2016]

Butter Fingers [Accessed 25th Feb 2016]

Both videos are different but share the common link of saying and phrases we know well. Reminding myself of old American slapstick like ‘Airplane’ ‘Naked Gun’ ‘Hot Shots’ etc. Using puns to get the meaning across or in the case of butterfingers using imagery  could be an interesting way to take the animation.

Exploring videos which may have an innocent demeanour initially but turn un-expectingly. This depends on the subject of the video. Whether it’s ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’ which shows tension and disturbing images but contrasting with an initial child friendly image.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared [Accessed 25th Feb 2016]

or ‘The Iron Bru’ Advert where again the use of a shapeshifter character and cheery music initially convey a safe environment for it to go downhill.

IRN BRU Evil Butcher advert [25th Feb 2016]

Looking at minimalist settings, there were a few more videos that emphasised it’s principles. ‘Alarm’ explores sound with the limitations of the setting being in an apartment. Whilst Slimtime is very clinical but uses prominent colours; both interesting which may prove to be helpful inspirations later on.

Alarm [Accessed 25th Feb 2016]

SlimTime [Accessed 25th Feb 2016]


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